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I'm a 37-year old cinematographer with +14 years of experience. Fourteen years working exclusively with image, thinking and developing different ways to communicate and touch emotions through images.

Along my career I’ve worked in four feature films, more than fifteen short films, a bunch of commercials, many music videos, some TV shows, and uncountable corporate videos. It gave me a deep comprehension about image creation and narrative development.

This website share projects I’ve been part of, both as Cinematographer or Camera Operator. Some, I don’t have rights to publish here though, others got lost throughout years. My very first film is somewhere in an old and dusty VHS tape, but I’m still proud of it. I’m proud of every and each image I´ve helped to develop, and all others coming forward.

Glance a look at some videos, download my CV if you want more details and do not hesitate in contact me. I’ll be filming somewhere and it will be a pleasure to do it with you.

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